What is quilting? How I see it now….and how I used to see it… Your mind set and your point of view makes a huge impact in what it means to you and how you experience quilting.

In this blog post I invite you to come with me on a journey beyond just sewing. Beyond the facts that we see and do. I want you to listen to your heart and imagine what a quilt can trigger in you or someone else…. The feelings you feel…. The images that come to life in your mind…. And memories that may get triggered like a movie in your mind when using a quilt to snuggle in.

Before we can start our little excursion beyond sewing I’d first like to explain how I used to see quilting. I feel like this is important as probably most of you are looking at quilts the same way.

When I used to see a quilt I saw a blanket that lays over a bed. Usually created by a person who loves to cut fabric in pieces and sew them back together by using a certain pattern.

As a young adult I never understood why on earth would you put another blanket and god forbit more pillows on your bed that you remove every night and put back up every morning???? Isn’t it enough that you have already your blanket and your normal pillows on it? I already struggle to keep those essential items tidy and in place why would I add more?

The second very important fact that clouded my vision was most quilts looked dark and old-fashioned. Yes, there it is, I said it. When ever I saw a quilt I didn’t see it’s beauty I saw an old fashioned style which I didn’t like very much. Don’t get me wrong some people like it but it wasn’t enough for me to make me feel that I’d like to try quilting.

Now we come to the fun part when things started to shift and my awareness changed.

My brother’s wife has been a quilter for many years and she has one pillow case that caught my eye. She used a heart fabric and it had heart “ornaments” I guess you could call them sewn on it. It looked bright, happy and just wonderful. It just radiated love into the world. When she said that’s done using quilting techniques I was surprised. You can use quilting techniques to make this? I wasn’t even aware of that….

The next big impact was when my mother in-law showed me some images on a Facebook group that she joined. It was a sew along and everyone was using the same pattern but every single piece looked so unique and different. The colours were different, they may have positioned different blocks in a different way. I was mesmerized by the diversity of one single pattern and how it can look. She showed me images of some more modern quilts and I was amazed about how colourful and fun they looked. This is one of my quilt designs it s a different version of the quilt I showed above just using a different colour pallet.

This made me wanna try my own and I started with creating a doll blanket and placemats. In hindsight I should have taken a class to take a short cut and eliminate certain mistakes right from the start which also would have saved me time in searching for everything on my own. But I have been sewing for so long so I thought how hard can it be. Well, it’s not hard but it just takes a lot of time to experiment and work through your mistakes and learn the techniques that make your life easier. So I guess it really depends what type of person you are and which way you’d like to go. 😉

Since then I have learned a lot and when I started creating my own designs for quilts, placemats and table runners I felt a spark in me that I’ve never felt before. Something in me opened up and I looked at more than just fabric and a pattern.

Now when I approach a quilt project and design the layout it turns into a very unique and personal experience. Sometimes I look at it like I’m a writer and I write a book but instead of words I use fabrics, shapes and patterns to create a story…. to create a memory…. to create a heirloom piece that’s filled with good vibes and love.

It’s hard to describe that process in words as it is rather something you feel. And I’m sure that others who are susceptible for receiving energy are able to feel all the good vibes that you have sewn into your quilt as well.

The most magical part in every quilt is the story behind it. The initial thought that made you decide to create a quilt. The memories and feelings that you experience when creating a quilt. The creativity that runs through your whole body when designing your quilt. The endless imagination that you feel and the possibilities that are there for you to grab and create is something that makes me feel happy and alive.

All this, I want to share with you as well. If you feel creativity running through your veins and you don’t know yet how to express it give quilting a go. I have created an online class that helps you to create Your Quilting Journey!
I’m a big fan of online classes as I know how hard it is to commit to appointments when having children or living a busy life and follow your career. And to be truly honest to you I don’t like carrying my heavy sewing machine around hence online courses are a big win for me and I’m sure you are going to profit from them as well. 😉

Together we are going to share a path and learn the basics of quilting, go through the ups and downs together and I’ll hope to inspire you by testing and teaching you different block patterns and techniques in the future. There is so much more for me to explore and to share with you and I hope you’ll join the fun and see the beauty and magical part of quilting just the way I do.

This is the link in case you are interested in learning more about my online class “Your Quilting Journey!”

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